As a heart surgeon in Armenia operating on people who have end stage heart failure, and whose only option is a heart transplant, I don’t have any options to offer these dying patients.The MAGNEVAD would save almost all of them, but Goldowsky just squandered the best opportunity to validate this device by 2018.

It’s a shame and criminal that people will die because of one person’s greed and incompetence.



Dr. Vahe Gasparyan MD
Dr. Vahe Gasparyan MD Cardiothoracic Surgeon - Chief of Cardiac Surgery in Yerevan, Armenia

Mike is not a suitable CEO for advancing the heart-pump technology that has been developed to date with investor funds. He has a history of using bankruptcies (improperly executed, it appears) to avoid paying obligations and to cheat investors. I am aware that he has a history of making enemies, including getting fired from Philips Laboratories over his personality issues. These are not characteristics that will lead to successful commercialization of the developed technology.

If the heart-pump technology can realize success by removing Goldowsky as CEO, I believe this would be a positive action for the benefit of stockholders.


Prof. Wyatt Newman Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science - Case Western Reserve University

Goldowsky kills the Magnevad's best chance to get validated!

Magnevad LVAD heart pump - Watch Dr. Gasparyan's heartfelt testimonial